About & FAQ

The Indie Webcomic Collective is a group of high-quality, independent webcomics that are long-running and frequently-updated.

Why focus on independent Webcomics?

Webcomics are already the step-child of the comic world, getting little attention from most media until they run a Kickstarter to fund a printed volume.

The “independent” piece is probably unnecessary since most webcomics are independent, but just for the record, if Marvel or DC launches a webcomic, they won’t be featured here.

Why focus on long-running, frequently-updated series only?

Most webcomics are a flash in the pan.  That’s not a dig at anyone, it’s just a reality.  In order to curate a collection of great comics that are all worth your time reading, we want to feature creators who have already made a significant time investment in their comics.

How do I join?

Right now, TIWC is invitation-only.  However, we can only invite creators we know, so send us a message via our contact page to be considered for an invitation in the future.